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CSM FAT File System  
  FAT File System for PC Cards

  • Support for typical MS-DOS functions:

    - 12 and 16 bit FAT
    - Subdirectories
    - File names in 8.3 format
    - File attributes, date, time
  • Portable source code according to ANSI C standards
  • For 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors and microcontrollers
  • Binary representation in INTEL or MOTOROLA format
  • Very small size for efficient usage of memory
The file system introduced by MS-DOS is very common on PCs and available under Windows and various other operating systems, too. Therefore it is often a suitable storage format for custom applications and for data exchange between such systems and the rest of the world.

Suitable storage media are ATA Cards, CompactFlash Cards, MultiMediaCards, SD Memory Cards or SRAM Cards.
Besides its main application the target system must contain additional software layers to maintain the storage format (file system) and to access the storage media (low level functions).
With the file system layer, the developer can build on the CSM FAT File System. Besides other things this development kit contains a portable and well documented ANSI-C source code implementing a MS-DOS V6.x compatible file system. With CSM FAT File System the developer can integrate a well-tried and reliable module into his own application.


The CSM FAT File System � Development Kit includes a complete test system for the following platform:
  • Standard PC with Centronics Interface
  • Operating system MS-DOS V 6.x, Win 95/98/Me or WIN NT/2000
  • Memory Card Drive CSM OmniDrive Professional
  • Development system Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (WIN32) or Borland C V3.1(16-Bit)
For this test system the low level functions to access the Memory Card in the OmniDrive are included as a module.
Some sample applications including source code and configuration files for compilation are provided in the package. CSM FAT File System is integrated into the sample applications as a source code module.

For CSM FAT File System a project specific license will be granted. The particular application can be shipped in any number without additional licensing costs. CSM requires a signed license agreement before delivery.

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