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Flow Switches for Solids




  • For pneumatic conveyors and freefall processes
  • IN-LINE measuring without weighing
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Contact less and integral measuring
  • Robust, compact, abrasion-free

Series of FlowSWITCH... Supervision of bulk materials in conveying stream utilizing optimal measuring principle http://www.muetec.de/templates/muetec/images/hhr.gif 

The FlowSWITCH series is designed for supervision of solids in conveying stream. These devices detect flow disturbances at transport of powders, dusts, pellets, and granules. Monitoring your flow prevents blockages, material absence, or system failures reliably.

Different measuring principles guarantee the optimal sensor for your application:

FlowSWITCH 350 C: (Capacitive)        
        Flow Indicator for bulk material

FlowSWITCH 500 M: (Microwave)                Solids monitoring

FlowSWITCH 600 E: (Electrostatic)             Flow Indicator for Solids

FlowSWITCH 700 E: (Electrostatic)             Dust watch for filter monitoring



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