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HUMY 2000 In-Line Moisture Meter for Solids  
  • High accuracy, better than 0.1%

  • Noise-immune by digital signal

  • Easy set-up, low installation costs

  • High speed measurements

  • Integrated data-logger function

  • Cable length to sensor up to 3,000 ft


HUMY 2000 is designed for in-line moisture measurements in solids, such as granules, powders and pellets, even in hazardous environments (optional intrinsic safe version).

Our digital moisture measurement method with a watch-dog function guarantees the highest accuracy by eliminating transmission errors. All measurements are shown in large digital and analog read-outs on the high resolution LCD. Soft-keys and a graphical user interface allow for easy and comfortable operation. Automatic temperature and long-term drift compensation as well as digital, and analog and alarm outputs are standard.

Muetec's proprietary high frequency measurement principle not only measures surface moisture like conventional infrared systems but also capillary moisture. Calibration is a snap with only 2 set-points required.


  • 320 x 240 pixel LCD
  • Graphical user interface
  • Memory for up to 8 materials (expandable to 24 materials)
  • 2 isolated analog mA outputs
  • 2 isolated digital outputs
  • 2 relay alarms
  • RS-232 interface (optional RS-485)

HUMY 2000 is available in three housing configurations - tabletop, field housing and for 19" rack systems.

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