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UniCAN Logger
External PC Card Based Data Logger/Recorder for CAN Bus

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  • Robust, Compact, Highest Data Security

  • Works without Laptop or PC

  • Long-term Data Acquisition

  • Uses ATA Flash Cards up to 2 GByte

  • Variable Filter and Trigger Conditions

  • Extended Temperature Range -40C...+85C

  • Ease of use without any control components
  • Exchange of ATA Flash cards at any time. Task can be performed by test driver or other personnel, without the need to have a technician present
  • Start-up time is less than 2 seconds because there is no operating system to boot
  • Turn off delay up to 60 sec. - record events after ignition is turned off
  • Record up to 96 channels
  • Secure data acquisition - power interruption is recorded by real-time clock - seamless continuation of recording after power is restored
  • No operating system - no system crashes, no corrupted data files
  • Long term recordings over weeks or months possible - filter and trigger functions reduce data recordings to certain events

UniCAN Logger is designed for recording of measurement values. The device allows to select up to 96 different measurement variables at the CAN-Bus to be written onto ATA Flash Card at a time.

Definition of the measurement variable is performed easily and flexible by selection of the data elements in CANini or CANdb, e.g. "rpm", "oil temperature".

Measurement variables are supplemented with the following parameters in UniCAN Manager in order to fully describe the measurement:
  • Data source (CAN-Bus 1 or 2)
  • Time interval of the recording (1ms, 2ms, 5ms, 10ms,..., 10s, 30s, 60s)

For every measurement variable a separate time interval can be selected. All measurement data are stored in the input buffer until they are overwritten by new data from the CAN-bus or until the data are written to a memory card according to the specified time interval.

Conditions of Recording for Log Mode:

Flexible conditions of recording are available. The following values can be used:
  • Data content (physical value, definition by CANini)
  • Digital input (external)
It is possible to select between triggering and gate function. Up to 8 conditions of recording can be combined logical.


The following status information with time stamp are stored into a separate log file:
  • Power Supply (on/ off)
  • Ignition (on/ off)
  • Recording (active/ interrupted)

CAN-Bus Support
UniCAN Logger supports CAN 2.0B (active). These are messages in Basic CAN (11-Bit Identifier) or Extended CAN (29-Bit Identifier) format.

The device is equipped with 2 CAN-bus controllers. We offer drivers for High-Speed CAN-Bus (ISO 11898) and Low-Speed CAN-Bus (ISO 11519).

Secure Data Storage:
UniCAN Logger is protected by a robust metal housing. A front cover secures the ATA card from being ejected which could otherwise be caused by vibrations.

ATA Flash PC Cards from SanDisk are supported because of their proven reliability. These cards do not contain any mechanical consumables which makes them perfect for rough environments. For long term data logging capacities up to 2 GB are available.

UniCAN Logger is protected against interferences. All measurement related data is saved and managed by UniCAN logger utilizing a structure which is optimized towards security. In case of a disturbance, e.g. power failure or removal of the PC Card the measurement re-starts automatically. All previous data will be secured and available at the end of the logging.

UniCAN Manager:

For configuration of a recording the Windows program UniCAN Manager is available. It features access to communication data which have been previously defined in CANini (or CANdb). You can utilize common names (like "rpm") to define parameters for recording (triggering threshold, etc.).

In addition, common parameter for recording are defined UniCAN Manager:
  • Name of recording (for subsequent identification)
  • User comment (max. 60 KByte)
  • CAN-Bus transfer rate (up to 1MBit/s)
  • Basic (11 bit) or Extended (29 bit) identifier
  • Slowing down time for turning off ignition (100ms to 60 sec)
  • Memory organization (configuration as one time or looping memory)

UniCAN Manager is also used for data transfer to a computer in conjunction with the recording. Output of the recorded data is in ASCII format, which can be imported into MS EXCEL and other programs for further analysis.

UniCAN Manager is very handy to divide large segments into smaller packages. The number of single files are determined by selecting file length and time frame (day, hour, minute).

RS232 Interface (Serial Port):

UniCAN Logger is connected to a computer running Windows operating system via a serial RS232 interface. The following functions are available:
  • Set real-time clock (Service Mode)
  • Online display (ASCII Format)

The Online Display is available during measurement for control purposes. A laptop can be used to display the following information in an ASCII window (Windows Hyper-Terminal):
  • Time
  • UniCAN System Utilization
  • CAN Bus Utilization (Recorder Mode)
  • Measurement data (Logger Mode)

The time interval for output of the measurement data is selectable between 1 s and 10 s.

UNICan Logger
PC Card slots: 1 slot type II at front
Interface: RS232, Baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity selectable
max. 115200 Baud (115.2k, 57.6k, 38.4k, 19.2k, 9.6kBaud)
D-SUB 9-pin connector (female)
CAN Interface: 2 x CAN 2.0B (active):
1 x High-Speed CAN (ISO11898), max. 1MBit/s
(500k, 250k, 125k, 62.5k, ...)
and / or
1 x Low-Speed CAN (ISO11519), max. 125kBit/s
(100k, 62.5k, 50k, ...)
PC Card types: ATA Flash Card SanDisk up to 2.0GB
ATA CompactFlash Card SanDisk (requires adapter)
LED Display 4 LED for operating conditions:
POWER (green) / BUSY (red) / STATUS (green) / ERROR (red)
Power Supply: 8 V to 32 V DC via 3-pin low-voltage connector
Power Consumption: Closed-circuit current (PowerControl OFF) app. 2mA at 12V
app. 1300 mW (with ATA Flash Card, without data access)
app. 1600 mW (with ATA Flash Card, with data access)
Operating temperature: -40 C to +85 C (-40F to 185F)
Humidity: max. 90 %, non condensing
Dimensions:WxLxH: 109x176x35mm (4.3"x6.8"x1.4"), weight: 400g (1lbs.)

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