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Since 1992 we offer our products and services to professionals in the process control industry, utilities, machining and other related fields. Our offerings range from RTD sensors over temperature transmitters, signal conditioners and power supplies to precision measurement devices and calibration equipment.
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Our professional PC Card drives not only offer data access for MS-DOS/ Windows formatted media but also for binary data or special data formats.
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We carry an entire line of industrial, professional PC Card readers for SRAM, linear Flash, ATA Flash, CompactFlash, SmartMedia Card, Miniature Card, FTL-FFS, ATA Hard Disk and other PC Cards. All major operating systems are supported.
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We also offer high quality ATA Flash, SRAM and Linear Flash PC Cards as well as PC Card adapters for CompactFlash Cards, SmartMedia Cards, MMC/SD Cards and MiniatureCards.
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For home and small office use we offer affordable PC Card drives, which easily connect via USB port in Windows, LINUX and Apple environments.
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If you are looking for a fast, reliable PC Card reader to support all different PC Card technologies under various operating systems, easy set-up and smooth operation than our products are exactly what you are looking for.
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Our products are tested, certified and recommended by leading PC Card manufacturers and OEM customers. Our professional PC Card drives are manufactured to ISO 9000 standards and feature the CE marking.

We offer intensive integration support for OEM customers. Our Software Development Kits (SDK) provide all the essential tools in 16-bit and 32-bit environments.
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