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  • Cannot format Flash Card

    Problem: Linear Flash Card cannot be formatted though Windows 'sees' the card and PCM can detect the exact chip type and card size.
    Solution: Linear Flash Cards cannot be used as DOS/windows compatible storage media. A Flash file system would be necessary to achieve this. Microsoft does not supply a FLASH file system with Windows. CSM Drives (Professional Line) support programming linear Flash Cards but do not offer FFS. Use ATA- or SRAM Cards for DOS/Windows compatible storage.

  • Flash Card cannot be written or erased

    Problem:Every write access to a linear Flash Card fails in my notebook.
    Solution:Many modern portable PC's do not support the programming voltage (12V) which is required by some older linear Flash Cards. Affects cards with INTEL type 1 (28F010, 28F020, 28F101, ...), INTEL type 2 (28F008SA) and some other chips. Use 5V only cards or a PC Card drive which generates the programming voltage itself, e.g. OMNIDrive Professional.

  • Win 9x/Me, 2000: PC Card is continuously detected as new hardware

    Problem: After modifying the contents of a SRAM or linear Flash Card, Windows comes up with the 'New hardware' wizard if the card is inserted for the next time. But the card was installed properly.
    Solution: On SRAM/linear Flash Cards, the contents of some regions of the card determine the PnP-ID which is used by windows to identify new hardware. If these regions are altered, the PnP-ID will change and windows will find new hardware. Use a PC Card drive - e.g. the OMNIDrive Professional - which treats these cards as what they are: Simple Memory Cards.

  • Flash Card or. FLASH-Module does not boot

    Problem: The media is installed as a replacement for an IDE hard disk. The BIOS detects the media and all required files are present if I boot from a floppy and look at that C: drive. But when I try to boot from C:, the PC hangs.
    Solution: ATA cards are typically preformatted by their manufacturers. The partitioning is usually done in standard mode (C/H/S-Mode). The media must be operated in that mode, or partitioning / formatting must be repeated in the currently selected mode (e.g. LBA or extended).
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