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OMNIDrive Standard (P/N 20381)  
  Universal External PC Card Drive for Parallel Port

  • For SRAM, ATA Flash, ATA Hard Disk type II,CompactFlash With adapter
  • Fast Data Transfer Rate of up to 1 MB/s
  • Printer Port Connection(SSP, EPP)
  • Device Drivers for MS-DOS, Win 3.11, Win 95/98/SE/Me,
    Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Easy Handling and Installation

OMNIDrive is an external PC Card reader for SRAM, ATA Flash Cards, CompactFlash Cards (adapter required), ATA hard disks type II, SmartMedia Cards (adapter required). It is designed for harsh industrial applications and heavy duty load.


In addition to the standard printer port (SPP) OMNIDrive benefits from the bi-directional EPP-printer port which is available in nearly every PC today. Thus, a transfer rate up to 1 Mbyte/s could be achieved (comparable to SCSI). As a result, OMNIDrive is also very interesting for high-memory applications with PC Card hard disks or high capacity ATA Flash Cards. The printer port is passed through using a daisy chain mechanism and therefore can be used for other devices (e.g. printer).


OMNIDrive was designed to work together with all common PC operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows 95/98/Se/Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and NEW! Windows XP. The device drivers configure themselves depending on the available resources. This ensures trouble-free easy installation and de-installation. The international registered product ID used in the OMNIDrive guarantees a 100% correct identification of the PC Card.


Exceptional data security is achieved by special means against electrostatic discharge. In addition the device features a watchdog, low voltage monitoring and power-fail detection. Continuous checksum monitoring during data transfer provides for additional data security. A robust aluminum case protects the device and PC Card.


OMNIDrive Standard
PC Card slots: 1 slot type II at front
Interface: Printer port (passed through) SPP and EPP (IEEE 1284)
Transfer rate: up to 1 Mbyte/s
PC Card types: SRAM, ATA Flash, ATA Hard Disk type II,
With Adapter: CompactFlash, SmartMediaCard
Software: CSM Standard software
LED display: power, busy
Dimensions: L: 174 mm W:109 mm H: 35 mm (6.8" x 4.3" x 1.4")
Weight: approx. 600 g
Operating temperature: 0 �C to +70 �C (32�F to 158�F)
Non-operating temperature: -20 �C to +85 �C (-4�F to 185�F)
Humidity: max. 90 %, non condensing
Power supply: 5 V from PC via keyboard adapter,
optional power supply for 220 V (AC) / 110 V (AC)
System requirements: PC compatible Computer, MS-DOS 3.3+, Windows 3.11 or Windows 95/98/SE/Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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