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OMNIDriveUSB LF/SD (P/N 20525)  
  Universal External PC Card Drive with 2 slots for USB Port

  • PC Card slot For Linear Flash, SRAM, ATA Flash, ATA Hard Disk type II, With adapter:
    CompactFlash, SmartMedia
  • Separate slot for MultiMediaCards and Secure Digital Cards, Support of special cards like Siemens Simatic MicroMemoryCards
  • Supports byte-oriented data access
  • Fast Data Transfer Rate of up to 1 MB/s
  • Compact, Robust Aluminum Housing
  • Device Drivers for Win 98/SE/Me,
    Win 2000, Windows XP
  • Optional Extended Temperature Range from -40�C to +85�C

OmniDrive USB LF/SD is our high end drive for professional users. It comes with the full functionality of OmniDrive USB LF. Therewith Linear Flash, SRAM, ATA Flash PC Cards as well as CompactFlash Cards with Adapter are supported optimally.

The separate slot for MultiMediaCards and Secure Digital Cards allows direct access and so best utilization of current technical opportunities regarding these cards. This applies also for the special security functions of Secure Digital Cards.

Like all drives of OmniDrive USB product family the OmniDrive USB CF marks thru:
  • Optimal utilization of the USB 1.1 maximum data rate
  • Extreme security of function and data
  • Possibility of easy updates
  • Long-term availability
In addition:
  • Readout of the CIS and CSD-register of SD Cards
  • Binary read and write of Siemens Simatic MicroMemoryCards

For customers working with Linear Flash Cards in existing applications, the OmniDrive USB LF/SD is the ideal solution, if they want switch on MultiMediaCards in the future.


Exceptional data security is achieved by means of some special precautions against electrostatic discharge, a watchdog as well as a power-fail detection. Permanent checksum monitoring during data transfer guarantees a high level of data integrity. A robust aluminum case protects the device and the Memory Cards inserted.


For use in customer projects OmniDrive USB LF/SD is also available as 3 �" mounting version. The compact metal frame is just 128 mm long and 25,5 mm high. It can be used also under conditions with restricted space.

PC Card slots: Two Front Slots: 1xPC Card Typ II and 1x SD Card
Interface: USB Port V1.1 (12 Mbit/s)
Data Transfer rate: up to 1 Mbyte/s
PC Card types: Linear Flash¹,
SIEMENS FMC-xx Flash Cards,
SRAM, ATA Flash, ATA Hard Disk type II,
With Adapter: CompactFlash, SmartMediaCard
Secure Digital Cards,
SIEMENS Micro Memory Cards,
Software: CSM Professional software, PC Card Manager
LED display: power, busy
Dimensions: L: 135 mm W:109 mm H: 35 mm (5.4" x 4.3" x 1.4")
Weight: approx. 300 g
Operating temperature: 0 �C to +70 �C (32�F to 158�F) ²
Non-operating temperature: -20 �C to +85 �C (-4�F to 185�F)²
Humidity: max. 90 %, non condensing
Power supply: 5 V from USB Port, optional power supply for 220 V (AC) / 110 V (AC)
System requirements: PC compatible, Windows 98/SE/Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP ³

¹ AMD, Catalyst, Fujitsu, Intel Series 1, 2, 2+, StrataFlash etc. Others on request
² Optional -40 �C to +85 �C (operating and non-operating)
³ Other operating systems on request.
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