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Dos-Drive 3964R  
  PC Card Drive with Asynchronous Serial Interface

  • Protocol standard 3964R for data exchange with industrial controls
  • Read and Write of machine program and control data in DOS-Format
  • Supports all common used ATA PC Cards
  • Extended temperature range (-40�C...85�C)
  • Easy Handling and Installation
DOS-Drive 3964R was designed in cooperation with Siemens to retrieve process data from SIMATIC S7 PLC. This application is recommended by Siemens as an excellent and very reasonable technical alternative. A detailed example of this application with experiences and key features is available at the Siemens Intranet. For further information please ask your Siemens sales representative or us!

DOS-Drive 3964R is perfect for connection to industrial controls, that support the protocol standard 3964R. A removable ATA Flash Card makes DOS-Drive 3964R flexible for data exchange with computers. Therefore it is comfortable to access and manage machine programs, recipes and control data under Windows.

Varied applications:

The protocol standard 3964R is preferably supported by the companies SIEMENS, BOSCH and PHOENIX CONTACT. This includes the systems:
  • SIEMENS: Industrial controls series SIMATIC�, Operator panels series OP15� / OP17�
  • BOSCH: Industrial controls series CL200�, CL400� and CL500�
  • PHOENIX CONTACT: I/O module type IB IL RS232�

Reliable data transfer:

Defined by SIEMENS, the 3964R protocol guarantees a reliable communication with DOS-Drive. For connection to a host system interface requirements are minimal. Only an asynchronous serial interface without control lines is necessary.

The instruction set of DOS-Drive 3964R is optimized for use in control technology. Supported are these functions:
  • Create and delete file
  • Read and write file
  • Read file names (directory function)

DOS-Drive 3964R has a default baud rate of 19,200 baud. Transfer rate is user programmable and can be configured between 600 baud and 115,200 baud.

Robust data storage: As storage media ATA Flash Cards from SanDisk are supported, that are well-known in industry due to their reliability and robustness. At present ATA Cards are available with capacities between 8 Mbyte and 2 Gbyte.

 DOS-DriveDOS-Drive 3½"
Housing: External Internal¹
PC Card slots: 1 slot type III at front
Interface: asynchronous, serial interface (RxD, TxD)
8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, D-SUB 9-pin female
PC Card Types: ATA Flash type II and type III, ATA Compact Flash (with Adapter), ATA hard drive
LED display: power, busy
Dimensions: L: 164 mm W:109 mm H: 35 mm (6.5" x 4.3" x 1.4") L: 166 mm W:101.5 mm H: 25.5 mm (6.5" x 4" x 1")
weight: approx. 430 g approx. 270 g
Operating temperature: -40 �C to +70 �C (-40�F to 158�F)
Non-operating temperature: -40 �C to +85 �C (-40�F to 185�F)
Humidity: max. 90 %, non condensing
Power supply: 5 VDC, tolerances: -2.5% / 5% (4.875V to 5.25V)
¹ AMD, Intel Series 1, 2, 2+, etc., others on request

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